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Future Plans

FLAMA UGANDA is also poised with implementation of school outreach programs for primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. Uganda continues to face challenges of high incidences of HIV/AIDS prevalence amongst adolescents at 6.4% nationally and 8.3% for northern Uganda alone. The region also has very high levels of un-planned pregnancies among adolescents often leading to unsafe abortions. This is an indicator of lack of information on safe sex as well as limited access to and utilization of various family planning methods.

FLAMA UGANDA works on the premises that offering information, education and appropriate services to young people as well as other vulnerable categories on issues of reproductive health, HIV/AIDS (testing, counseling and treatment of opportunistic infection) and other health issues of concern would help fill the gaps in information and service delivery that young people have access to.

The organization believes that this can help them to make informed decisions essential for their good health, safety and wellbeing. As such, FLAMA UGANDA envisages that its school outreach program can help reduce on the risks of unplanned pregnancies; reduce on unsafe abortions and associated risks of high mortality for adolescent mothers; as well as reduce on high level of risky sexual behavior among youth and thereby also reduce HIV prevalence in that age group.

Partnerships/Joint Ventures

FLAMA UGANDA  has established partnerships with:

  • ProFam (giving information and distribution of Family Planning)
  • War Child Holland (WCH)
  • Straight Talk Foundation
  • The District Health Team
  • Hope Alive Uganda