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History and Background

Background/Introduction of Organization

FLAMA UGANDA is a registered National Non-Governmental Organization (NGO), established in June 2011 by a team of dedicated volunteer medical and social development practitioners. Flama Uganda’s registration number is 9077, located on plot 20 Dr. Corti Lucille road, Gulu district, Uganda. Its functional areas are reproductive/maternal health, family planning and general clinical medical services, engulfing both preventive and curative intervention, in accordance with the guidelines from the Ministry of Health (MoH). Considering Uganda’s annual growth rate of 3,6 % (which is among the highest of the world) and the poor sexual and reproductive health of the country, the priority focus of FLAMA UGANDA lays on reproductive health and family planning.

FLAMA UGANDA has an open-door policy and services are provided in an all-inclusive manner though special consideration is made for vulnerable groups like women, the elderly, children and adolescents (in and out of school), as well as other social cases with special needs. Since operations began in June 2011, the medical center has served over 5000 clients within and outside Gulu Municipality,Acholi sub region and plans are already underway to broaden the scope of services to reach more people in need.


  1. To promote the health condition and welfare of the communities we serve through provision of quality diagnostic, treatment, management and referral services to clients in a manner that is professional, affordable, and easily accessible to all.
  2. To provide well-planned outreach services to secondary schools as a means to reduce risky sexual behavior, reduce spread of HIV and other STIs as well as reduce risks of unwanted pregnancies and associated problems of maternal deaths due to backstreet abortions
  3. To reduce maternal mortality rate among females of reproductive age through provision of affordable (delivery is for free), easily accessible and professional reproductive health services including provision of quality and best practice ante-natal/post-natal care to mothers
  4. To build sustainable and gainful partnerships with other agencies to foster better community health through enhancement of health information/services delivery to the community with special focus on the vulnerable groups.
  5. To work with others to advocate for comprehensive, integrated and sustainable action on holistic health promotion and maintenance in accordance with the Ministry of Health guidelines.

Governance and organization structure

FLAMA UGANDA is governed by a 9 member Board of Trustees (BOT), the supreme authority of the organization, elected by the General Assembly. The BOT is tasked with the responsibility of overseeing policy development for the organization, in keeping with the goals, objectives and values of the organization. They are also charged with the responsibility of monitoring that the operations of the organization are conducted in a manner that is in keeping with policy, goals, and values of FLAMA UGANDA.

The organization also has a 4 member Board of Directors who report to the Board of Trustees, and whose role is to oversee implementation of policy in the organization as well as ensure that agreed procedures and standards of care are adhered to according to the established provisions of the organization.

FLAMA UGANDA also has an executive director whose duties involve supervision and implementation of the day to day operations of the organization. The position also involves planning, fund raising, as well as supervision and management of the staff.  The program manager reports to the Board of Directors.

First of all FLAMA UGANDA is making efforts for getting full immunization for children under 5 years and for pregnant women (tetanus vaccination) in the health centre.

Also of main concern is obtaining funds for the screening kit and facility for cancer of the cervix for women.

FLAMA UGANDA plans to boost its outreach programs in order to take the services closer to the vulnerable individuals and communities in the different sub-counties in and around Gulu Town and other districts. For communities just emerging from 2 decades of war as in the case of Gulu residents, a huge proportion of the population still remains unable to afford the basics of life. As such, access to affordable medical services remains a huge need.

FLAMA UGANDA is attempting to fill this need with the sole purpose of contributing to the success of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and promoting community access to Reproductive Health services. In addition, the services we provide enable children, youth, women and men alike to gain access to much needed basic health care that for different reasons may be inaccessible to them at other centers.